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Watch Repair


Individuals throughout the greater New York area have old watches and unused jewelry languishing in the corners of their drawers and jewelry boxes, never to be worn again. With the help of Watch Repair & Co. in Midtown Manhattan, they can turn these forgotten treasures into cash through consignment or direct sales.

Many individuals hold onto watches and jewelry they don't wear simply because they don't know how to sell them or are concerned that they won't get a fair price for their items. The professionals at Watch Repair & Co. assist such consumers by providing reliable, trustworthy consignment services. As experienced jewelers, they can evaluate the condition and value of pieces to ensure that sellers receive top dollar for their unwanted items. The shop puts vintage and high-end watches and unwanted gold jewelry up for consignment. Watch Repair & Co. also buys watches, gold jewelry and loose diamonds on the spot.

Those who are interested in consigning or selling pieces can contact the shop online for a free estimate or can stop by its West 47th Street location. Watch Repair & Co. has a loyal local following and is known as a premier watch service and repair shop by customers around the nation. The shop's excellent reputation means that buyers who are browsing consignment pieces can feel confident that they're buying the very best watches and jewelry available. Watch Repair & Co. also attracts a high volume of foot traffic, which provides excellent exposure for pieces placed on consignment. The friendly jewelers at the shop are happy to answer customer questions and provide professional sales support for individuals who wish to put unwanted watches and jewelry on consignment.

A Midtown Manhattan favorite since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. is a family owned and operated business. Known as one of the best watch repair and service businesses in the area, the shop attracts local clients in the NYC area and also serves mail-in clients from around the nation. The shop has received excellent ratings on consumer review sites including Yelp and Google+. Located in the Diamond District near the iconic Rockefeller Center, Watch Repair & Co. serves clients interested in both luxury and everyday jewelry and timepieces.

Regular clients of Watch Repair & Co. in NYC know that they can expect not only professional and quick help with watch and jewelry repair but also the best in customer service. As highlighted in a Wall Street Journal piece by Ralph Gardner, the family owned business has staked its reputation on providing reliable customer service that goes well beyond the expectations of many in the Big Apple. 

For Leon Abraham, the shop's owner, providing excellent customer service is simply how he goes about business. An immigrant who moved from the Soviet Union in 1981, he is known for his optimism and expertise in the jewelry industry. Every customer who visits Watch Repair & Co. is treated kindly and fairly. While Abrahams is a sensible businessperson, he also believes that there's no need to unnecessarily gouge customers for basic battery replacements, watch cleaning and watch repairs. It's a stark difference from many department stores and shops that complete similar work at a staggering price. Abraham believes in making a good living and keeping his neighborhood shop open, but he's not willing to do that by alienating his customers. 

Mr. Abraham has come a long way since his modest start in the U.S. more than 30 years ago, but he's never lost the humble spirit that he brought with him from the Soviet Union. A fixture in the local business community, his shop serves working-class nurses and nannies as much as it does wealthy area residents. Of course, Abraham has balanced his mission to provide stellar customer service with an incredible portfolio of services and products too. Watch repair & Co. may well be the one place in Manhattan where shoppers can browse beautiful, high-end jewelry and watches while experiencing unparalleled customer service. The shop's philosophy is best summed up by Leon Abraham, who shares that "nobody goes angry from my door. I say, 'Thank you.' They'll come back again. This is my policy."

Located just minutes away from the iconic Rockefeller Center in New York City's Diamond District, Watch Repair & Co. is a trusted neighborhood jewelry store and repair shop. Family owned and operated since 1985, the shop provides repairs and appraisals as well as watch and jewelry sales. The friendly team at the shop serves local, walk-in clients and mail-in clients nationwide. Watch Repair & Co. consistently receives stellar consumer reviews on Yelp, Google+ and other review sites.

Accurate appraisals of your treasured watches and jewelry pieces are a must-have for insurance purposes. The professionals at Watch Repair & Co. in Midtown Manhattan provide complete appraisals of valuable pieces so that you can rest assured that your bases are covered in the event that a precious piece is lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen. 

The value of pocket watches, timepieces and other jewelry items can be hard for even the most educated amateurs to guess. That's why it's essential to have experienced jewelers who are aware of the current market values for an array of metals, gemstones, pearls and luxury timepieces to complete full appraisals on all valuables. The friendly, professional staff at Watch Repair & Co. deals with a wide variety of vintage, collectible and rare watches and jewelry pieces on a regular basis. They have up-to-date knowledge of current values and are able to provide background on a wide variety of pieces. Working with Watch Repair & Co. on jewelry appraisals is an excellent way to learn the value of your treasured pieces while ensuring that you're protected in the unfortunate event of loss. 

Perhaps you have old timepieces tucked away in your drawer or have recently inherited stunning jewelry. It's essential to know the value and background of your pieces so that they are sufficiently protected by your homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance or a related rider policy. The experienced appraisers at Watch Repair & Co. will thoroughly evaluate your pieces and pay close attention to their age, the materials from which they're made and other special features that affect value. Once your piece has been examined, an appraiser will assign a fair market value and can prepare an array of documents to be filed with your insurance company. The shop's professional appraisers provide various reports including computer-scanned diamond reports, color photographs and plotting, and narrative reports for colored gemstones and pearls. Speak with your insurance agent, and then call the shop or fill out the online inquiry form to start the appraisal process. All appraisals are completed in a timely fashion, and reports can be mailed to your address or picked up at the shop's Manhattan location. Watch Repair & Co. is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the leading authority on gem and jewelry values in the nation. 

Located near the iconic Rockefeller Center in New York City's Diamond District, Watch Repair & Co. has been a local staple since 1985. Family owned and operated, the shop specializes in a wide variety of watch and jewelry repairs, appraisals and sales. The shop services mail-in clients from around the country as well as walk-in clients at its Manhattan location. A local favorite, Watch Repair & Co. consistently receives excellent reviews on Yelp, Google+ and other consumer review sites.

A watch's face might speak volumes, but nothing is more important in terms of comfort and wearability than its band or bracelet. At Watch Repair & Co. in Midtown Manhattan, you'll find an incredible selection of watch bracelets designed to complement your timepiece's appearance or add a fresh look to a treasured heirloom. No matter the material or style you're looking for, New York's most trusted timepiece professionals likely have it in stock. 

A watch's band, also known as a watch bracelet, plays an integral role in both timepiece appearance and usability. The watch bracelet both complements the metal and crystal of a timepiece and allows the timepiece to be worn. Whether the band on your favorite watch has worn out or you're looking for the ideal watch bracelet for an heirloom timepiece, the professionals at Watch Repair & Co. can help. They're proud to stock hundreds of different watch bracelets and straps in their Manhattan location. Available in men's, women's and unisex styles, their watch bracelets represent an incredible range of materials and styles. Among the most popular choices are bands in alligator, leather, rubber and cloth. Every watch bracelet in stock at Watch Repair & Co. represents the highest in quality for excellent value and wear. 

Maybe a treasured timepiece is toiling away in your drawer or jewelry box because it doesn't have an appropriate band. Perhaps you've avoided wearing an heirloom piece because you're afraid that the watch bracelet will break while you're out and about. It's time to head into Watch Repair & Co. to talk to seasoned timepiece professionals about your replacement options. At the shop's Manhattan location, you can browse a wide variety of bands and straps to find the look that's perfect for your watch. The watch pros at the shop can also help you select a band that suits your style and needs. Of course, if the watch bracelet that you're dreaming of isn't in stock at Watch Repair & Co., the knowledgeable staff will work hard to locate the appropriate style and order it on your behalf. 

Situated in New York City's Diamond District just a short walk from Rockefeller Center, Watch Repair & Co. is the city's most trusted timepiece shop. A family owned and operated business since 1985, the shop provides watch and jewelry sales, repairs and appraisals. The professionals at the shop service both local, walk-in clients and mail-in clients from around the country. Watch Repair & Co. has received excellent reviews from consumers on Yelp, Google+ and other review sites. 

The dial on a watch is one of its most outstanding features. It's the first thing that most people notice, and keeping it in good condition is essential to making a great impression. The professional jewelers at Watch Repair & Co. in Manhattan provide complete dial restoration for both luxury and everyday watches so that their clients can get the most out of their timepieces. 

No matter the damage or wear to your watch dial, the timepiece professionals at Watch Repair & Co. know how to take care of restoration so that heirloom, luxury and everyday pieces can sparkle as if they were brand new. The shop's full-spectrum dial restoration services include comprehensive cleaning, repair, polishing and timing to ensure that timepieces are returned to clients in excellent order. The professional jewelers at the shop can repair both original and custom dials according to customer needs and specifications. They use only the finest replacement parts when restoring dials and are able to build replacement dials when needed. 

Dial restoration services at Watch Repair & Co. are available to both clients who walk in to the shop's Manhattan location and those who prefer to mail in their timepieces. Once the shop receives your timepiece, an experienced watch professional will evaluate dial restoration needs and provide you with a complimentary estimate for repairs. The dial restoration offerings at Watch Repair & Co. range from the basic to the complex with customization options available. The shop can refinish luminous faces with Super Luminova and can complete color changes according to client specifications as well. Of course, restoring watch function is at the heart of every dial restoration completed by the experienced pros at Watch Repair & Co. Every timepiece is thoroughly inspected before being returned to the client to ensure superior function and performance. 

Located in Midtown Manhattan since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. is the city's premier timepiece repair shop. Family owned and operated, the shop serves both walk-in clients in NYC and mail-in clients nationwide. It has received consistently excellent reviews on a wide variety of consumer sites including Yelp and Google+. The shop is located near Rockefeller Center in the Diamond District and serves clients with both luxury and everyday timepieces.

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