Watch Repair
Watch Repair


When the plastic or glass that makes up a watch face is cracked, scratched or broken, the professionals at Watch Repair & Co. know just what to do. Located near Midtown Manhattan, the shop carries a wide variety of faces for both high-end and everyday watches. The shop services both local and national customers.

Whether the face of your watch is totally broken or badly scratched, the timepiece masters at Watch Repair & Co. can repair the piece and restore it to its original condition. They take care of watch face repairs quickly to ensure that their clients can continue to use their timepieces. If your watch face is damaged, it's essential to seek help right away. After all, the face of your watch lends the piece a finished look and protects its delicate inner workings too. The professionals at Watch Repair & Co. stock a variety of common watch faces at their NYC location and can meet the needs of specialty watch owners as well. They specialize in servicing and repairing both everyday and luxury timepieces from an array of makers.

Clients who need to have watch faces repaired or replaced can either walk in to Watch Repair & Co.'s 47th Street location in New York or can mail in their orders to the shop. A master watch professional will then evaluate the repair need and provide a quote for face replacement. Once you've approved the work, the shop will begin the replacement process and will return the timepiece to you as quickly as possible. Most repairs take only a day or two to complete and are reasonably priced. Watch Repair & Co. stocks an array of standard glass and plastic watch faces in the shop to facilitate these quick and cost-effective repairs. If you have a vintage or oddly shaped timepiece, they can also help by creating a custom watch face. The shop also offers replacement with sapphire faces for those timepiece enthusiasts who want the most durable watch face possible. Sapphire faces are significantly stronger than standard glass watch faces and are resistant to almost all scratches too.

A Manhattan staple since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. offers comprehensive timepiece repair services for both local clients in New York and mail-in clients around the country. Family owned and operated, the shop consistently receives excellent reviews on Yelp, Google+ and other consumer review sites. The shop is located near the iconic Rockefeller Center and is happy to serve customers who need help with both luxury and everyday timepieces.


Your jewelry is a treasured part of your wardrobe. That's why Watch Repair & Co. is proud to provide its clients with the best in maintenance, repair, refinishing and refurbishment of their pieces from its Midtown Manhattan location. The shop understands the value of heirloom pieces and has earned an excellent reputation for its service among both local and national clients.

Watch Repair & Co. is proud to offer these comprehensive care and repair services for an array of jewelry pieces. Whether you want your grandfather's watch tuned up or need to have a precious pendant refinished, the shop's seasoned jewelers are there to help. They have experience working with necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, pearls and beads. Watch Repair & Co. routinely resizes rings and can help find matching stones for settings that are missing gems too. They work with all precious metals and have experience making repairs to sterling silver pieces. Of course, the pro jewelers also offer cleaning and polishing services to ensure that all of your pieces look their best.

Working with Watch Repair & Co. on care or repair for your precious jewelry is simple. Customers in the immediate area in Midtown Manhattan can drop by the shop during its regular business hours to discuss their needs and secure an estimate. Those who are too busy to drop by or who are outside the immediate area can call or fill out a short online form to get started. One of the jewelers at Watch Repair & Co. will work with you to understand your exact needs and to provide an accurate estimate for repairs, refinishing, refurbishing, cleaning or polishing. Once you approve the estimate, the experienced jewelers complete work on the piece in as timely a fashion as possible. Watch Repair & Co. uses the latest in jewelry and watch technology to ensure that all of their work exceeds client expectations.

Located in NYC's famous Diamond District since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. offers a host of repair, maintenance, refinishing and refurbishment services for fine jewelry and watches. Family owned and operated, the shop consistently earns rave reviews on Yelp, Google+ and other popular consumer sites. Watch Repair & Co. is staffed by experienced jewelers who use the latest equipment to provide stellar services.

Local timepiece professionals Watch Repair & Co. are proud to provide the best in walk in watch repair NYC residents have ever experienced. Timely, expert service is the hallmark of this respected shop, which repairs both luxury and everyday watches.

Located at 62 West 47th Street, Suite 211, in the Diamond District, Watch Repair & Co. provides an array of services whether you want to bring in your watch repair or have your watch professionally cleaned and polished. When you bring in your timepiece for repair, one of the knowledgeable timepiece experts at the shop will evaluate your watch's repair needs and give you a free estimate for the cost of repairs. If you'd like to go ahead and have your watch fixed after getting your estimate, you'll simply leave it at Watch Repair & Co. so that work can be completed. In some cases, the experienced pros can provide same day watch repair so that you're never without your favorite timepiece for long. Within walking distance of Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Terminal, the shop offers the best in convenience for local customers.

Watch Repair & Co. has provided trusted watch repair and cleaning services to local and national customers for more than 30 years. The walk in watch repair NYC residents trust, Watch Repair & Co. professionals can work on a wide variety of watches including heirlooms, luxury timepieces and everyday watches. They provide full service for Omega, Breitling, TAG, Bvlgari, Heuer and other leading luxury brands. Of course, the seasoned timepiece pros at the shop are also versed in repairing other brands of watches and can help with antique pieces too. If you need to bring in your watch repair, you can simply stop by the shop on 47th Street from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. While it can't always be done, the pros at Watch Repair & Co. try to provide same day watch repair whenever possible so that no one in the greater New York City area has to be without a reliable, beloved timepiece for very long.

A local staple since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. is a favorite among watch enthusiasts and luxury aficionados who demand the best in walk-in repair services in NYC. Family owned and operated, the shop has received excellent ratings on Yelp, Google+ and other consumer-driven sites. Watch Repair & Co. also offers mail-in repair services and assistance locating rare timepieces.

Wholesale Service from Watch Repair & Co. a Big Value for Small Business Owners

Experienced timepiece professionals Watch Repair & Co. are reminding business clients that they offer wholesale accounts with incredible service options. The NYC-based timepiece shop acts as a watch repair service center for businesses throughout the nation that want to offer specialty repair services but don't have the capacity to do so. Setting up a wholesale account is a great way to impress current customers and attract new customers too.

Located in New York's famed Diamond District, Watch Repair & Co. has provided third-party watch repair for companies for more than 30 years. The seasoned timepiece professionals at the shop can take care of all watch repairs USA business and customers need. Setting up a wholesale account with the shop is a great way for small businesses to expand their repair offerings and attract new clients. In addition to servicing day-to-day timepieces, the professionals at Watch Repair & Co. also have experience working with an array of luxury brands including Breitling, Bvlgari, TAG, Omega, Heuer, Rolex and more. The shop's wholesale watch service offers competitive pricing and excellent turnaround times so that customers won't face daunting delays when seeking watch repairs.

Watch Repair & Co. has been a local staple since 1985. Offering watch repair usa customers can trust is the chief priority of the business, which also offers polishing and watch-finding services. To sign up for a wholesale watch service account, business owners can fill out a short online form at the shop's website or call directly for assistance. Once a wholesale account is opened, the business simply sends timepieces in need of repairs to the watch repair service center in NYC. To make watch repair for companies easier, Watch Repair & Co. offers free estimates and shipping. That means that local merchants looking for watch repairs USA clients will trust can offer estimates free or at a low cost. Once an estimate has been approved, the shop's experienced timepiece pros will complete repairs. Quickly processing watch repair USA based businesses have sent in is always a priority for Watch Repair & Co.

A Manhattan favorite since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. provides wholesale service accounts that allow business owners to expand the timepiece repair services that they offer to clients. Well-known among luxury timepiece aficionados, the business has consistently excellent ratings on Google+, Yelp and other popular review sites. Watch Repair & Co. offers walk-in repairs to local customers and mail-in services to wholesale clients and individuals throughout the U.S.
Rolex watch repair nyc
Rolex watch repair nyc
Watch Repair & Co. Offers Quick-and-Easy Ship in Watch Repair

With Watch Repair & Co., getting your luxury watch fixed is as easy as shipping it to the business's Midtown Manhattan location. The ship in luxury watch repair service offers a convenient way for timepiece enthusiasts nationwide to access the best repair professionals in the field.

Whether they need ship in Rolex watch repair or band replacement on a Hublot, customers of Watch Repair & Co. can utilize the simple mail-in process to get a free estimate and have work completed. The shop services luxury watches ranging from Rolex to Bulgari to Tag Heuer to Omega. To begin the mail in watch repair process, clients simply navigate to the business's website and fill out a short query form that provides master watchmakers basic information about repair needs. A representative from Watch Repair & Co. reaches out to the customer shortly after the form has been submitted to discuss a repair estimate. A pre-paid shipping label is provided so that clients can take advantage of ship in luxury watch repair without any mailing costs. Of course, the business also welcomes clients who prefer to arrange shipping on their own.

Once mail in watch repair orders are received at Watch Repair & Co., a master watchmaker thoroughly evaluates the timepiece and prepares a final estimate. The watchmakers at Watch Repair & Co. have the experience and tools needed to fix any luxury timepiece whether it be a Zenith, Patek Phillippe or other style. One of the friendly professionals from the shop calls every ship in watch repair client to discuss the full evaluation and final estimate for repairs. If the client decides to move ahead with ship in Rolex watch repair or other timepiece work, they simply give the okay and work progresses. Clients who do not wish to pursue repairs simply pay for return shipping. Watch Repair & Co. is dedicated to helping luxury timepiece enthusiasts with their repair needs and never charges for estimates.

Known to luxury watch aficionados in Manhattan since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. offers comprehensive mail-in and walk-in services to clients in New York and beyond. The family owned and operated shop has earned top reviews on Google+, Yelp and other review sites. Watch Repair & Co. has earned a reputation for providing high-quality repair and watch-finding services to clients around the country.
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