Watch Repair
Watch Repair

Watch bands are an essential accessory that can add wearability and function to any piece. With weather heating up for the warmer spring months, many luxury watch owners are eager to get outside and get active. Watch Repair & Co. stocks a variety of active watch bands for spring and summer so that timepiece enthusiasts can wear their favorite pieces in the park, on the beach and anywhere else they want to go.

Choosing a watch band that meets the demands of the warm spring and summer months is essential to protecting a timepiece and providing for year-round wear. The jewelry professionals at Watch Repair & Co. in Midtown Manhattan understand the demands of these warmer seasons and know exactly what types of watch bands work best in hot weather. They stock a variety of watch bands that withstand the demands of regular outdoor use while providing for comfort too. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at the shop is ready to help timepiece enthusiasts find bands that are perfect for both everyday and luxury watches.

Leather, alligator leather and rubber bands are ideal for the spring and summer seasons. These materials provide for excellent active wear and are relatively easy to clean. They're also ideal for watch wearers with sensitive skin who suffer from irritation when body sweat mingles with traditional metal bands. Changing timepiece bands out seasonally helps protect their value and ensures that watch enthusiasts can wear their favorite pieces no matter the season or weather. New watch bands and straps can be purchased by walking into Watch Repair & Co.'s storefront or by placing a phone order. Of course, the shop's professional jewelers can replace the bands on an array of luxury and everyday watch brands for their clients as well.

Founded in 1985, Watch Repair & Co. is one of Midtown Manhattan's most beloved establishments. The family owned and operated timepiece repair shop serves walk-in clients in NYC and mail-in clients from around the nation. The shop consistently receives excellent reviews on an array of consumer sites including Google+ and Yelp. Watch Repair & Co. is located in the Diamond District just a short distance from Rockefeller Center.

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