Watch Repair
Watch Repair

Regular clients of Watch Repair & Co. in NYC know that they can expect not only professional and quick help with watch and jewelry repair but also the best in customer service. As highlighted in a Wall Street Journal piece by Ralph Gardner, the family owned business has staked its reputation on providing reliable customer service that goes well beyond the expectations of many in the Big Apple. 

For Leon Abraham, the shop's owner, providing excellent customer service is simply how he goes about business. An immigrant who moved from the Soviet Union in 1981, he is known for his optimism and expertise in the jewelry industry. Every customer who visits Watch Repair & Co. is treated kindly and fairly. While Abrahams is a sensible businessperson, he also believes that there's no need to unnecessarily gouge customers for basic battery replacements, watch cleaning and watch repairs. It's a stark difference from many department stores and shops that complete similar work at a staggering price. Abraham believes in making a good living and keeping his neighborhood shop open, but he's not willing to do that by alienating his customers. 

Mr. Abraham has come a long way since his modest start in the U.S. more than 30 years ago, but he's never lost the humble spirit that he brought with him from the Soviet Union. A fixture in the local business community, his shop serves working-class nurses and nannies as much as it does wealthy area residents. Of course, Abraham has balanced his mission to provide stellar customer service with an incredible portfolio of services and products too. Watch repair & Co. may well be the one place in Manhattan where shoppers can browse beautiful, high-end jewelry and watches while experiencing unparalleled customer service. The shop's philosophy is best summed up by Leon Abraham, who shares that "nobody goes angry from my door. I say, 'Thank you.' They'll come back again. This is my policy."

Located just minutes away from the iconic Rockefeller Center in New York City's Diamond District, Watch Repair & Co. is a trusted neighborhood jewelry store and repair shop. Family owned and operated since 1985, the shop provides repairs and appraisals as well as watch and jewelry sales. The friendly team at the shop serves local, walk-in clients and mail-in clients nationwide. Watch Repair & Co. consistently receives stellar consumer reviews on Yelp, Google+ and other review sites.

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