Watch Repair
Watch Repair

A watch's face might speak volumes, but nothing is more important in terms of comfort and wearability than its band or bracelet. At Watch Repair & Co. in Midtown Manhattan, you'll find an incredible selection of watch bracelets designed to complement your timepiece's appearance or add a fresh look to a treasured heirloom. No matter the material or style you're looking for, New York's most trusted timepiece professionals likely have it in stock. 

A watch's band, also known as a watch bracelet, plays an integral role in both timepiece appearance and usability. The watch bracelet both complements the metal and crystal of a timepiece and allows the timepiece to be worn. Whether the band on your favorite watch has worn out or you're looking for the ideal watch bracelet for an heirloom timepiece, the professionals at Watch Repair & Co. can help. They're proud to stock hundreds of different watch bracelets and straps in their Manhattan location. Available in men's, women's and unisex styles, their watch bracelets represent an incredible range of materials and styles. Among the most popular choices are bands in alligator, leather, rubber and cloth. Every watch bracelet in stock at Watch Repair & Co. represents the highest in quality for excellent value and wear. 

Maybe a treasured timepiece is toiling away in your drawer or jewelry box because it doesn't have an appropriate band. Perhaps you've avoided wearing an heirloom piece because you're afraid that the watch bracelet will break while you're out and about. It's time to head into Watch Repair & Co. to talk to seasoned timepiece professionals about your replacement options. At the shop's Manhattan location, you can browse a wide variety of bands and straps to find the look that's perfect for your watch. The watch pros at the shop can also help you select a band that suits your style and needs. Of course, if the watch bracelet that you're dreaming of isn't in stock at Watch Repair & Co., the knowledgeable staff will work hard to locate the appropriate style and order it on your behalf. 

Situated in New York City's Diamond District just a short walk from Rockefeller Center, Watch Repair & Co. is the city's most trusted timepiece shop. A family owned and operated business since 1985, the shop provides watch and jewelry sales, repairs and appraisals. The professionals at the shop service both local, walk-in clients and mail-in clients from around the country. Watch Repair & Co. has received excellent reviews from consumers on Yelp, Google+ and other review sites. 

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