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Watch Repair


Whether a first-time Rolex watch investor or an avid collector, it is important to properly care for these delicate timepieces. While Rolex is well-known for their durability, to retain value and longevity they require care and attention just like a luxury automobile. Continue reading to learn valuable tips to extend the life of your Rolex:

1. Wearing of Your Rolex Watch

Although Rolex is renowned for its durability, dings and scratches are unavoidable during wear. Should the need arise, replacing the sapphire crystal and bezel due to damage will be costly. Depending on the age of the watch, the materials used for the crystal and bezel vary.

To help keep dust, dirt, and water out of your watch ensure the winding crown is screwed into the case when wearing your watch.

2. Cleaning of Your Rolex Watch

Built-up grime and dirt not only dulls the appearance of your Rolex, over time the bracelet stretches out. A weekly wash is recommended if you wear your watch every day. Using warm water and a mild soap, simple wash a full metal Rolex watch. To reach hard to reach areas you can use a soft brush and be sure to dry with a soft cloth when soap is washed off.

3. Storing of Your Rolex Watch

It's important to properly store your watch when not wearing. The box it came in works well, or in a watch box with other watches. Be sure however not to store them on top of each other to avoid scratches. Also, keep away from electronics and direct sunlight. Watch winders are an excellent investment to keep your watch running when storing.

4. Maintaining Your Rolex Watch

If there are scratches on your Rolex case, crystal, and bracelet that are bothersome to you but there is still some time to go yet before your next servicing, perhaps you may consider using some at-home methods to remove these scratches. These methods include polishing pastes, solutions, and clothes to get the job done.

5. Service of Your Rolex Watch

It is advisable to send in your Rolex watch for service every couple of years. A full service of your Rolex watch includes cleaning, polishing, and buffing to where it will look as new as possible. Also, if needed any damaged parts may be replaced. Performance is also checked.

With a little bit of attention, you can expect your Rolex watch to last for years to come.

Finding a Father's Day gift doesn't have to be a challenge for shoppers who visit Watch Repair & Co. in Midtown Manhattan. The respected neighborhood shop carries vintage and luxury watches ideal for gift giving.

Timepieces offer an incredible opportunity to express one's personal style. A striking watch makes a great Father's Day present for a special dad. The professional jewelers at Watch Repair & Co. are happy to help shoppers choose a suitable timepiece for a special dad as Father's Day approaches. Watch experts, the shop's friendly and approachable staff can help both in-person and online shoppers select a vintage or luxury watch that makes a bold statement. The unique watches featured in the shop's collection have been professionally examined and cleaned to ensure the best in function.

Vintage and luxury watches are the perfect choice for Father's Day because they offer class and style that can't be matched by their ordinary counterpoints. Watch Repair & Co. carries Breitling, Omega, Bvlgari and other high-end brands suitable for Father's Day and other special occasions. The friendly, experienced staff can help shoppers select vintage, luxury and everyday watches that suit a man's style preferences and timepiece needs. The shop also offers cleaning and restoration services for those shoppers who would like to have a family heirloom brought back to life as a gift. Shoppers can stop by Watch Repair & Co.'s shop in the Diamond District or can call or email from around the nation to get help selecting a new timepiece for Dad.

A neighborhood favorite since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. provides service for clients in Midtown Manhattan and around the nation. Family owned and operated, the shop is known for excellent customer service and professional expertise. The shop has received strong reviews on consumer sites including Yelp and Google+. Watch Repair & Co. is located a short distance from the iconic Rockefeller Center, the Theatre District at Broadway and Downtown Manhattan.

Individuals throughout the greater New York area have old watches and unused jewelry languishing in the corners of their drawers and jewelry boxes, never to be worn again. With the help of Watch Repair & Co. in Midtown Manhattan, they can turn these forgotten treasures into cash through consignment or direct sales.

Many individuals hold onto watches and jewelry they don't wear simply because they don't know how to sell them or are concerned that they won't get a fair price for their items. The professionals at Watch Repair & Co. assist such consumers by providing reliable, trustworthy consignment services. As experienced jewelers, they can evaluate the condition and value of pieces to ensure that sellers receive top dollar for their unwanted items. The shop puts vintage and high-end watches and unwanted gold jewelry up for consignment. Watch Repair & Co. also buys watches, gold jewelry and loose diamonds on the spot.

Those who are interested in consigning or selling pieces can contact the shop online for a free estimate or can stop by its West 47th Street location. Watch Repair & Co. has a loyal local following and is known as a premier watch service and repair shop by customers around the nation. The shop's excellent reputation means that buyers who are browsing consignment pieces can feel confident that they're buying the very best watches and jewelry available. Watch Repair & Co. also attracts a high volume of foot traffic, which provides excellent exposure for pieces placed on consignment. The friendly jewelers at the shop are happy to answer customer questions and provide professional sales support for individuals who wish to put unwanted watches and jewelry on consignment.

A Midtown Manhattan favorite since 1985, Watch Repair & Co. is a family owned and operated business. Known as one of the best watch repair and service businesses in the area, the shop attracts local clients in the NYC area and also serves mail-in clients from around the nation. The shop has received excellent ratings on consumer review sites including Yelp and Google+. Located in the Diamond District near the iconic Rockefeller Center, Watch Repair & Co. serves clients interested in both luxury and everyday jewelry and timepieces.

Watch bands are an essential accessory that can add wearability and function to any piece. With weather heating up for the warmer spring months, many luxury watch owners are eager to get outside and get active. Watch Repair & Co. stocks a variety of active watch bands for spring and summer so that timepiece enthusiasts can wear their favorite pieces in the park, on the beach and anywhere else they want to go.

Choosing a watch band that meets the demands of the warm spring and summer months is essential to protecting a timepiece and providing for year-round wear. The jewelry professionals at Watch Repair & Co. in Midtown Manhattan understand the demands of these warmer seasons and know exactly what types of watch bands work best in hot weather. They stock a variety of watch bands that withstand the demands of regular outdoor use while providing for comfort too. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at the shop is ready to help timepiece enthusiasts find bands that are perfect for both everyday and luxury watches.

Leather, alligator leather and rubber bands are ideal for the spring and summer seasons. These materials provide for excellent active wear and are relatively easy to clean. They're also ideal for watch wearers with sensitive skin who suffer from irritation when body sweat mingles with traditional metal bands. Changing timepiece bands out seasonally helps protect their value and ensures that watch enthusiasts can wear their favorite pieces no matter the season or weather. New watch bands and straps can be purchased by walking into Watch Repair & Co.'s storefront or by placing a phone order. Of course, the shop's professional jewelers can replace the bands on an array of luxury and everyday watch brands for their clients as well.

Founded in 1985, Watch Repair & Co. is one of Midtown Manhattan's most beloved establishments. The family owned and operated timepiece repair shop serves walk-in clients in NYC and mail-in clients from around the nation. The shop consistently receives excellent reviews on an array of consumer sites including Google+ and Yelp. Watch Repair & Co. is located in the Diamond District just a short distance from Rockefeller Center.

Regular clients of Watch Repair & Co. in NYC know that they can expect not only professional and quick help with watch and jewelry repair but also the best in customer service. As highlighted in a Wall Street Journal piece by Ralph Gardner, the family owned business has staked its reputation on providing reliable customer service that goes well beyond the expectations of many in the Big Apple. 

For Leon Abraham, the shop's owner, providing excellent customer service is simply how he goes about business. An immigrant who moved from the Soviet Union in 1981, he is known for his optimism and expertise in the jewelry industry. Every customer who visits Watch Repair & Co. is treated kindly and fairly. While Abrahams is a sensible businessperson, he also believes that there's no need to unnecessarily gouge customers for basic battery replacements, watch cleaning and watch repairs. It's a stark difference from many department stores and shops that complete similar work at a staggering price. Abraham believes in making a good living and keeping his neighborhood shop open, but he's not willing to do that by alienating his customers. 

Mr. Abraham has come a long way since his modest start in the U.S. more than 30 years ago, but he's never lost the humble spirit that he brought with him from the Soviet Union. A fixture in the local business community, his shop serves working-class nurses and nannies as much as it does wealthy area residents. Of course, Abraham has balanced his mission to provide stellar customer service with an incredible portfolio of services and products too. Watch repair & Co. may well be the one place in Manhattan where shoppers can browse beautiful, high-end jewelry and watches while experiencing unparalleled customer service. The shop's philosophy is best summed up by Leon Abraham, who shares that "nobody goes angry from my door. I say, 'Thank you.' They'll come back again. This is my policy."

Located just minutes away from the iconic Rockefeller Center in New York City's Diamond District, Watch Repair & Co. is a trusted neighborhood jewelry store and repair shop. Family owned and operated since 1985, the shop provides repairs and appraisals as well as watch and jewelry sales. The friendly team at the shop serves local, walk-in clients and mail-in clients nationwide. Watch Repair & Co. consistently receives stellar consumer reviews on Yelp, Google+ and other review sites.

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