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How to Replace the Battery in Your WatchWhen a watch has gone through some wear, tear and years of use, you might see it not keeping an accurate time or it has stopped altogether. This usually means it is time to replace the battery, which for most watches and watch owners is a pretty easy and simple undertaking. But there are some issues you will want to look to avoid as the process is underway.

Here are some tips for the do-it-yourselfers out there who are looking to change their watch’s battery with little annoyance and without damaging your wristwatch.

  • First thing first make sure you are in a prepared setting to replace the battery. Brightly lit room, magnifying glass if you need it, and a cloth to lay the watch down on. You don’t want to scratch the watch face accidentally while replacing the battery.
  • Also make sure you have the correct tools needed for the job. Some watches have tiny screws that hold the back panel on, while other panels are just needed to be screwed off using the leverage of the grooves. The other option you might find is that the back panel just snaps on and off; use a screwdriver or something similar to pry it off carefully.
  • Once the backing is off, inspect the watch to see how the battery is set in place. You might have to loosen the set screw that holds an arm in place to be able to remove the battery. If you haven’t already bought your replacement battery, you can now take the old one and purchase the battery you need.
  • Inserting the new battery is pretty self-explanatory, just reverse of taking it out. But with one caveat, make sure before you close up the back panel that your timepiece is functioning properly now with the new battery is installed. Once you have confirmed that the watch is working appropriately, reassemble the watch ensuring you are tightening any screws you had loosened and that the back panel is secure.

The replacement process is relatively straightforward and uncomplicated. If you use these tips you can avoid any complications and damage to your wristwatch and avoid having to rely on someone else to do it.

How to Replace the Battery in Your Watch

If you aren’t sure that you’ve done the battery replacement correctly or the watch still isn’t working properly, contact the watch professionals at Watch Repair & Co. Watch Repair & Co. will get your watch serviced and working the way you need.

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Watch Repair & Co recently repaired my Panerai. My watch was fixed within 2-3 days and I was informed at every step of the way. The price was fair and the service excellent. I have no problems recommending this company.

- Stephen R.

We happened upon this company while searching for another watch repair that had moved. We could not have been happier with the speed, quality and bonhomie of our service. No reason to go anywhere else. Absolutely brilliant.

- Donald S.

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