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Signs You Should Change Your Watch Band

High quality watches can last for decades, or even generations. If you own a well-made luxury watch, you know how much hard work, value, and excellence went into making the watch. Others will notice as well. It’s a great feeling to own a piece of artwork that you can wear on your wrist. But after a while things might start to need to be replaced or restored, from the daily rigorous activity and use. Other factors can affect the watch as well; weathering, climate, swimming, working outdoors, etc.

This deterioration is especially true when it comes to the watch band. This is also dependent on what material your watch band is made of. Let’s take a look at the different types of watch materials and give you a look at the signs in which it’s time to change the band.

Rubber Straps

Watches that have rubber straps, have a limited life span normally. To help prolong the life of a rubber strap, it’s recommended to clean the perspiration and oil that can cause cracking and breaking. If you see these signs, it’s an obvious sign to replace.

Leather Bands

A leather band can be put through the wear and tear like most leather items, such as leather shoes or a purse. Just like rubber, leather bands can have adverse reactions to oil, perspiration and over exposure to water. With that in mind, it’s suggested that you replace a leather band once or twice a year, in the assumption that you wearing the watch daily. To prevent wear and tear, wipe down the leather after use.

Metal BandsSigns You Should Change Your Watch Band

Metal bands are more likely to last a few years due to the durability factor. But even the stainless steel bands can become worn if not cleaned properly to disperse the collection of dirt, dust and other debris. If they aren’t cleaned at all times, they can still oxidize and begin to rust. Clean with warm soapy water, but eventually metals bands do show wear and then they should be replaced.

When you wear a quality time piece, you don’t want the wear on the band to affect the appeal. A watch is meant to tell time, but also something for you to enjoy for years to come. Take care of it and it will be dependable for you.

At Watch Repair & Co. we are pleased to offer an extensive selection of watch bands / straps for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for; men’s or ladies, alligator or leather, leather or rubber, we have the right watch band for you.

For watch band assistance or if you have any questions on the type of band for your watch, contact the professionals at Watch Repair & Co. today!

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Google Reviews

Watch Repair & Co recently repaired my Panerai. My watch was fixed within 2-3 days and I was informed at every step of the way. The price was fair and the service excellent. I have no problems recommending this company.

- Stephen R.

We happened upon this company while searching for another watch repair that had moved. We could not have been happier with the speed, quality and bonhomie of our service. No reason to go anywhere else. Absolutely brilliant.

- Donald S.

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