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  • "I found Watch Repair & Co. on the internet. Being a native, suspicious New Yorker, I was a bit apprehensive trying their service. All I can say is, ‘they are the real deal’. I dropped my wife’s watch off on a Friday pm, and it was ready more


Watch Repair 10022

Repairing watches can be a very complicated job because of the incredibly intricate and detailed way they work. If you have a high end watch, or a watch that holds a lot of sentimental value, however, it is well worth getting it repaired or restored. For the best watch repair in 10022 turn to Watch Repair & Co. We have been helping the people of New York restore their watches to like-new condition for years, and we would love to help with yours as well.

Whether the watch has completely stopped working or you simply need a new strap professionally put on, we are here to help. We have all the tools and equipment available right in our shop to repair any type of watch problem there is. The watch repair in 10022 can also be done much more quickly than most people think because we do all the work right on site. Our expert repair technicians can often have repairs done in hours, or just days for more complex tasks.

Watch Repair 10022 | Full Restoration in Manhattan

If your watch has been damaged, or it is an old watch that hasn’t been serviced in many years the best option is to have it fully restored. Our expert watch technicians can take the watch apart to clean and repair each individual piece before putting it all back together. We’ll work hard to use all the original parts whenever possible, but where necessary we can replace them with new parts to get the watch back in working condition. When it comes to watch repair in 10022 these types of services are the most challenging, but often also the most rewarding.

Our customers are often astonished at how great their watch can look after it goes through our full restoration process. In most cases we can return the watch to its owner looking just like new, even if the watch was 100 years old or more. This is a great service for those family heirlooms which really have incredible value both in terms of financial and sentimental. It is important to trust these types of jobs only to the best watch repair in 10022, and that is Watch Repair & Co.

Watch Repair 10022 | Fast and Friendly Service

In addition to being the leading experts for watch repair in 10022, we also work hard to be the fastest and friendliest in the area. Our watch technicians truly love what they dos, and would enjoy the opportunity to look at your watch and repair it for you. Whether you need a full restoration or something much simpler, we are here for you. We’ve helped people throughout Manhattan and New York and we want to help you as well. We also have customers from around the country that ship their watch to us for all their repair needs.

When you’re ready to have your watch repaired, or you just have some questions about the services we offer please call us at 212-768-4700, or toll free at 877-655-2347. We’ll be happy to discuss the details of your watch and even offer a free estimate on getting it repaired.